Portland Code Camp 2013

Since 2005, Portland Code Camp has produced a community event that provides the developer community opportunities to talk with, and learn from each other. Any developer may propose a presentation to share his or her tips and tricks on using technology, understandings of new programming paradigms, and approaches to problem solutions. Any developer is welcome to propose a session as long as it fits the universal Code Camp guidelines: must be mostly about code, or of interest to the developer community — and isn't just 'marketing fluff'.

Sessions range from informal "chalk talks" to more defined and organized presentations. Portland Code Camp as an event is technologically agnostic — it's an event where developers get together and freely share their knowledge and experience about what works, and even sometimes about what doesn't work. Any technology that supports the development community is fair game for inclusion.

In addition to more experienced presenters, Portland Code Camp provides interested participants with their first opportunity to present in public. If you think you are ready, step up and propose a session. We find that Portland Code Camp audiences are very supportive of first-time presenters.

Attendees, as well as presenters, will come from all around the Northwest — some will even travel further for the opportunity to be part of the event.

Portland Code Camp attendance is free — the event is supported by sponsors and individual donations. Space is limited, so it is important that you register to attend. You can register here. We will send occasional updates via the email address you used when you register.

Portland Code Camp is incorporated as a IRS 503(c)3 educational non-profit, and is governed by a volunteer board of directors and officers. The event is only possible with the efforts of the larger developer community. The organizers, volunteers, presenters, and sponsors are dedicated to the mission of providing the highest quality content built around the topic of computer code and creating an environment where knowledge is easily shared.