Sessions tagged as node.js

Embracing Async

Presenter: Chris Tavares

Asynchronous programming is a fact of life. It's no longer an option to just block your UI waiting for something to respond. In this talk, we'll look primarily at async programming in the browser and node.js. We'll learn about what makes it hard, and what tools and techniques exist to make async programming easy. Well, easier anyway. :-)

Introduction to Node.js using a Raspberry Pi

Presenter: Gerald Aden

This session will introduce you to Node.js, the Javascript engine for building server side (and client side) apps. We'll be using the relatively new, low cost, small form factor computer called the Raspberry Pi. You'll learn how to get started with these "cool" technologies. Along the way, you'll get some tips on making your journey smoother. We'll also take a look at how they can, together, be part of the "Internet of Things".