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Life++: Data mining your life

Presenter: Daniel Beutler

Do you sometimes get the sense that although you’re getting a lot done, you might not be getting the right thing done? Do you wonder if there are changes you could make to your life to get better results? Have you found something that really helps you to get more done? I’ve spent the last 15 years reading, listening and trying out everything I can get my hands on about self-improvement, trying to find the silver bullet of effectiveness. I want to share what I’ve learned, and hear what works for you. With changes in Excel, and the growing accessibility of data mining tools, I’ve been able to apply statistical analysis and simple data mining to my own life and accelerate the pace of improvements. This session will briefly cover the basic themes of self-improvement literature, and then dive into how I found surprisingly helpful information using tools like Excel and Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services and how you can use them to search through the data in your life. Expect to walk away from this collaborative rambunctious session with a new perspective about what is possible.